Burbank Parks and Rec Begins 2021 Starlight Bowl Modified Summer Concert Series

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

On Saturday, June 5, Burbank’s Parks and Recreation Department began the Starlight Bowl’s 2021 Modified Summer Concert Series with a Led Zeppelin tribute from Led Zepagain. 

This concert series comes over a year after the cancellation of the Starlight Bowl’s 2020 Summer Concert Series, which was called off to maintain audience and staff safety amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The concert and event venue normally receives funding from the City to put on six sponsored shows each summer, including their annual Fourth of July celebration. This year, however, the City has deemed it more appropriate to allocate municipal funds to other areas while allowing outside promoters to put on their shows at the Starlight Bowl.

“Ultimately, this year we felt the most fiscally responsible thing to do is to forgo our city shows,” Noah Altman, Recreation Supervisor of Burbank Parks and Recreation, said. “Instead [we’re] allowing that opportunity to our promoter partners we’ve been working with the last few years to bring programming back in some regard.”

File Photo (Photo by Ross A Benson)

Two promoters the City is working with for the summer concert series are Sterling Venue Ventures and L.A. Concert Groups. Some performers they will be providing for the Starlight Bowl this year are a Loverboy, Little River Band, and The Temptations with special guests The Four Tops. The schedule for the 2021 summer shows are tentatively planned for early June through October. 

The Fourth of July celebration is a cherished annual event held at the Starlight Bowl, which had to be cancelled along with other shows of the summer 2020 event lineup. Although a comprehensive ceremony can’t be carried out this summer, fireworks will be set off for public viewing in the evening hours of July 4.

“We are providing a fireworks display, but we will not have a concert or event up in the venue,” Altman said of plans for July 4, 2021. “So the fireworks will be shut off as normal, at 9:00 p.m., and that’s for the community to enjoy from the safety of their home.”

The events held at Starlight Bowl make up just a portion of all Burbank Parks and Recreation programs. Through his role with the Parks and Rec, Altman has directed youth and teen programming, the arts, the City’s sports office, and more. Now having the ability to bring back some shows at the Bowl, however, is an important step towards improving City functions as COVID-19 conditions improve. 

File Photo (Photo by Ross A Benson)

“We do oversee other parks and recreation programs that run out of our section. We do keep busy in that regard,” Altman said. “But we’re excited to again provide the support to our partners to be putting on these additional shows. So we’re working closely together to review all the L.A. County guidelines… and providing any other support as needed.”

The department keeps up to date on public reception to news through their emails and social media accounts. Since the announcement of the Starlight Bowl’s 2021 reopening, which took play in May, the Burbank community has responded with a strong enthusiasm as the Bowl returns to a safe form of fun outings for residents. 

“I think the general consensus is just the excitement,” Altman said. “The concerts are going to be coming back and people are anxious to get out of their houses and return back to some kind of fun and safe activities. So [it’s] overall very positive and excitement is building. We’re looking forward to a fun and safe summer.”

To get tickets for the Starlight Bowl 2021 Modified Concert Series, visit their site here.
Anyone with questions on the Starlight Bowl can email starlightbowlboxoffice@burbankca.gov or cal (818) 238-5397.