Burbank Pedestrian Killed After Being Struck by Vehicle

Burbank Traffic Dectitive Sam Anderson gathers evidence at fatal traffic accident Buena Vista and Victory. ( Photo by Ross A Benson)

Police and paramedics responded to the intersection of Victory and Buena Vista around 8:54 pm on Saturday, March 20, after receiving a report of a man who had been struck by a vehicle and was still in the street.

Police arrived on the scene first and reported the man was unconscious and not breathing. Paramedics arrived shortly after and pronounced the man, identified by the Coroner’s office as 82-year-old Raymond Orchart of Burbank.

Police protect the victim with a portable popup as officers work the accident scene. ( Photo by Ross A Benson)

The driver, a woman whom police did not identify, remained at the scene, and according to Sgt. Emil Brimway of the Burbank Police Department in a release said the woman, “was interviewed by traffic investigators. Investigators determined neither drugs nor alcohol were factors in regards to the driver.”

According to Brimway, Orchart was struck while crossing the street. He was not in a marked crosswalk at the time of the accident.

The victim lived a block from the accident location.

This collision remains under the investigation of Burbank Police Department Traffic Detectives. Anyone who may have witnessed the collision is asked to contact the Burbank Police Traffic Bureau, at (818) 238-3100.

    Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center


    1. Was the driver texting or using the phone?

      The City leaders talk about their plan to expand “road diets” to add more bike lanes however folks a bike sharing the road with a high-speed vehicle weighing thousands of pounds operated by a driver who is texting is bound to result in injury or death. Do we really want that?

      And pedestrians imagine they always have the right of way and perhaps legally, they do, but that won’t save you from a distracted driver.


        • Respectfully Craig, neither you nor I were there and the City Attorney won’t release the information because there is an active investigation. An accident is just that, an accident. If it was a homicide, then that is something altogether different. Accidents occur due to distraction, a mistake, bad judgment, illegal behavior such as speeding or running a red light, without the power of the almighty to reveal what really happened, we can only hope that the facts come forward. We are all entitled to our own opinions but we are not entitled to our own facts. Thank you for posting this information.

    2. Perhaps if the man would have been crossing in a marked cross walk, this accident would not have happened either. Bad judgement on the pedestrian’s part may have been a leading factor. Please people, take the extra steps, to cross the street where a driver is more likely to observe a pedestrian crossing a street.

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