Burbank Planning Board Approves Mixed-Use Project at 3700 Riverside Drive with Condition


On April 11th, the Burbank Planning Board held a regular meeting.

At the meeting, the primary topic of discussion was the proposed mixed-use construction project located at 3700 Riverside Drive. The address is at the southeast corner of Hollywood Way and Riverside Drive.

Currently, the Riverside address is the location of Lakeside Car Wash, a car wash that was built in 1956 and remains in operation to this day, despite falling on hard times as of recent.

Developers of the proposed project would like to see a six-story mixed use project in the location. 49 residential condo units would be built and the additional space would be used for both commercial and public use.

Despite removing the historic car wash at the location, the developers would like to see the sign remain, albeit facing Screenland Drive instead of Hollywood Way.

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After hearing multiple presentations on the proposed project, the board deliberated on the subject.

Although they were in unanimous agreement on wanting a project at 3700 Riverside Drive, the board had many issues with the proposed project and, perhaps more importantly, with the way in which the developers went about development.

Vice Chair Christopher Rizzotti was perhaps the most critical among the board, grilling the developers for not having an open dialogue with neighboring property owners. Additionally, he saw issue with the potential traffic and parking predicament that having a commercial space on the intersection would cause.

“If a Krispy Kreme or Starbucks [moved into the commercial space at the proposed project], it would completely blow this intersection apart,” said Rizzotti.

“Parking is going to be a problem for the neighbors,” said Board Member Apraham Atteukenian. “…there’s a lot of unanswered issues [with this project.]”

In contrast, Board Member Bob Monaco was in favor of the proposed project. “I can understand [the issues with this project], but that’s what’s going to happen on a site like this,” said Monaco.

In a unanimous vote, the board voted to approve the proposal with the condition that the developer’s must rework the parking conditions for the project and bring back the updated conditions for approval at a later time.

A video recording of the meeting and a copy of it’s agenda can be found here.