Burbank Police Arrest 14 During Mandatory Curfew Hours


Burbank police on Tuesday announced they had arrested 14 people overnight during Burbank’s mandatory curfew that was in effect from 5 pm on June 1 until 6 am on June 2.

In a press release Tuesday, police said that of the 14 arrests, most were made up of individuals suspected of looting, with officers recovering items such as facemasks, gloves, tools, and other items used in the connection of burglaries at the time of the arrests.

Officers were said to have collected merchandise that had been suspected of being stolen from different stores in Los Angeles and the vicinity. The items still had store security tags attached. Illegal narcotics and a handgun were also taken by officers during the arrests.

Since the arrests were made during a declared State of Emergency in Los Angeles County, the arrests may be charged as felonies when charged with looting.

There was no report of any burglaries or looting that occurred in the City overnight of if officers cited anyone for curfew violations.

Police did not say if the people arrested were from Burbank or outside of the area and said arrest records will be posted on their website although records from last night’s arrests have still not been posted.

Police encourage anyone who sees suspicious activity or persons in Burbank to immediately call their non-emergency number, 818 238-3000.

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