Police Ask for Help into Investigation into Attack on Burbank City Councilman’s Office


Burbank Police are asking for the public’s help in finding the man who through a brick through the front window of Burbank City Councilman Dr. David Gordon’s office front window on March 16.

Police responded around 10:12 pm that night to the Councilman’s Optometry Office located in the 800 block of Hollywood Way.  Upon arriving at the scene, officers found a brick had been thrown through the front window.

A review of a surveillance video shows the suspect arriving in a 2005-2006, Silver/Gray Toyota Tundra, 4DR, with a matching tonneau cover, chrome rims, and a sticker in the lower left corner of the rear window.  The suspect is  described as a male (possibly white), approximately 5’10”, heavy build, wearing a baseball cap, dark-colored, “hoodie” sweatshirt, with white  writing on the front, and light-colored shorts.

Police have not responded to questions as to why this is considered just a common vandalism and not a targeted attack on an elected official.  Also, with the Councilman and a family member inside the office with him, why charges of an attempt with a deadly weapon is not being charged.  There have been no other incidents in the area.

Anyone with additional information please contact Detective Kleinfeld at  818-238-3279.

Police were called to the scene March 16 after a brick was thrown through the front window of Burbank City Councilman Gordon's office on Hollywood Way (Photo by Ross A. Benson)


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