Burbank Police Ask for Public’s Help to Identify Pickpocket Suspects


Burbank Police have released the following regarding pickpocket suspects from February and March of this year:

Burbank police also sent the following information to help shoppers:

In recent months, the Burbank Police Department has received an increase in reports concerning wallet and purse thefts. Detectives have noted a common pattern among thieves who are targeting shoppers carrying purses or bags while shopping at local retailers.

In these instances, multiple suspects will work together to distract the victim by talking to them or brushing up against them while pretending to shop for goods. Simultaneously, the suspect(s) will reach into an open and/or unattended purse and take the victim’s wallet. By the time the victims have realized their wallets were stolen, their credit cards have already been used at nearby businesses to make fraudulent purchases.


·    Never openly display large amounts of cash or bank envelopes in your possession ·       Be aware of anyone getting into your personal space or asking distracting questions

·    Keep your valuables close, secured in a closed purse, or zipped/concealed completely in your pocket

·    Never leave your valuables unattended in a shopping cart

·    Remain vigilant on behalf of any elderly or otherwise vulnerable family and friends

If you see a crime in progress or anything that appears to be suspicious, report it immediately to the Burbank Police Department. Our 24-hour non-emergency number is (818) 238-3000. For emergencies only, dial 9-1-1.