Burbank Police Celebrate Promotions and New Officers

(Photo by © Ross A.Benson)

On Thursday, in a small ceremony at the police station, the Burbank Police Department welcomed 8 new officers to the force, while celebrating the promotions of 7 sworn officers and 5 additional civilian staff.

Burbank Chamber
(Photo by © Ross A.Benson)
(Photo by © Ross A.Benson)

Burbank Police Chief Scott LaChasse emphasized to the new officers that all officers will face challenges and stress during their duty. However, even in the toughest situations we “can’t forget the (US) Constitution,“ and the obligations of officers to uphold their responsibilities under the Constitution.

(Photo by © Ross A.Benson)
(Photo by © Ross A.Benson)

To emphasize the point, Chief LaChasse handed out a copy of both the US Constitution, and a copy of the Burbank Police Department Code of Ethics to each new officer to reinforce the point. All new officers are graduates of the Orange County Sheriff Department’s Regional Police Training Academy.

Joining the Burbank Police Department are:

(Photo by © Ross A.Benson)
(Photo by © Ross A.Benson)
  • Officer Karissa Peltier
  • Officer Garret Souza
  • Officer Aaron Denning
  • Officer Pietro Pira
  • Officer Rashaad Coleman
  • Officer Gregory DeBelius
  • Officer Jonathan Montalban
  • Officer Joseph Nunez

Chief LaChasse concluded the introduction by emphasizing “we are really attracting high quality candidates” to the Burbank Police.

Burbank Chamber

Officer promotions were next on the agenda, with well-deserved promotions to Sergeant and Detective for 7 officers.

(Photo by © Ross A.Benson)
(Photo by © Ross A.Benson)

Promoted to Sergeant were:

  • Officer Cindy Guillen
  • Officer Fletcher Stone
  • Officer Stephen Turner

Detective promotions included:

  • Officer Adam Chang
  • Officer Mike Macias
  • Officer Timothy Murphy
  • Officer Stephen Santiago

Chief LaChasse also emphasized, prior to the non-sworn officer promotion announcements, that without the support staff behind the police department, “nothing would really work.” Civilian, or non-sworn officer promotions included:

(Photo by © Ross A.Benson)
(Photo by © Ross A.Benson)
  • Animal Control Officer Jessica Kusher
  • Parking Control Officer Mary Paterson
  • Police Records Supervisor Jana Howington
  • Police Records Supervisor Laura Lanza
  • Police Records Technician Kelli Lowers

Chief LaChasse concluded the ceremony by emphasizing that “the Burbank Police Department is one large family,” depending on, and supporting each other to get the job done. The words “Onward and Upward” marked the signal to let the families, friends, and colleagues indulges in photo opportunities, a bit of familial teasing and joking, and simply enjoying the moment.

Congratulations to all new officers, new sergeants, new detectives, and civilian promotions