Burbank Police Help Family in Need at Christmas


Earlier this month Burbank Police Officers responded to a tragic incident in the community in which a father of four children was victimized. As a result of the injuries sustained, the father has been unable to work and will likely be out of work for some time.


It recently came to the attention of members of the police department that the family was not going to be able to purchase any Christmas gifts for their small children. Both sworn and civilian employees of the police department pooled their resources to provide dozens of wrapped gifts to the children for Christmas, including bikes, clothes, games and stuffed animals. In addition, grocery store gift cards, household cleaning supplies and personal hygiene products were purchased.

The family was invited to the police station where the presents and other items were given to the family in front of an audience of about 50 department employees and McGruff the Crime Dog.

The victim’s wife, through tears, said, “I thank each and every one of you for giving our family a Christmas we weren’t going to have this year.”

Community Resource Officer Joshua Kendrick said, “Although there are difficult and tough events that we deal with, it is times like these when we, as a “Police Family,” come together to help others that makes this job so worth it. There is no doubt your generosity made this Christmas a reality for these folks.”

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