Burbank Police Launch Driver Education Curriculum For 9th Grade Students


Traffic collisions are the leading cause of death amongst teens ages 16–19 years. Most of these collisions are a result of some form of distraction, whether it be a cell phone or passenger(s), followed by speed and reckless driving.

The Burbank Police Department remains committed to ensuring the safety of everyone on our roadways, especially young and newly licensed drivers. As part of this commitment, Burbank Police have developed a driver education curriculum, titled “Mindfulness for Young Drivers.” This program is aimed at helping soon to be licensed teenagers become more aware of the responsibilities that accompany the privilege of driving, as well as the dangers of unsafe driving behaviors and distractions.

Together with the Burbank Unified School District, Burbank Police will be hosting classes at both John Burroughs High School and Burbank High School. Classes will be comprised of 9th grade students who will learn of the importance of safe driving through candid conversation and a variety of topics, presented by Burbank Police Officers. Topics will include driving permits and provisional driver’s licenses, rules of the road, distracted driving, reckless driving (speed), the importance of seatbelts, traffic collisions and what to do if involved in a collision, and the dangers of driving while impaired.

“Mindfulness for Young Drivers” will begin on March 30 and run through April. Following the first session, students will be asked to speak with a family member about a driving-related tragedy they may have experienced in their life, and how it affected them. During session two, students will have the opportunity to share the conversation they had with a family member to help further educate their fellow classmates on the importance of safe driving.

The goal of this program is to educate the younger members of our community about the responsibilities that come with the privilege of driving and the importance of safe driving behaviors.