Burbank Police Launch Survey to Get Public’s Imput


In a proactive move to enhance community policing and public services, the Burbank Police Department has announced the launch of its biennial community survey, which will remain open until December 26, 2023. The department, committed to continual improvement and effective community engagement, is reaching out to residents for valuable feedback.

This comprehensive survey is a critical tool for the Burbank Police Department in assessing its performance and understanding community concerns relating to crime, public safety, and the overall quality of life in Burbank. The feedback gathered will play a pivotal role in shaping the department’s strategies and initiatives.

Residents participating in the survey will have the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns, thereby directly influencing how the Burbank Police Department tackles current and potential issues. The insights gained from this survey are expected to aid the department in refining its programs and operations, ensuring they align closely with the needs and expectations of the community.

The Burbank Police Department emphasizes the importance of this survey in its efforts to foster a safer and more engaged community. It encourages all residents to participate, stressing that their input is invaluable in guiding the department’s efforts to serve the community effectively.

By gathering and acting on this feedback, the Burbank Police Department aims to strengthen its relationship with the community, enhance the efficacy of its programs, and proactively address the unique challenges facing Burbank. Residents can access the survey online and are urged to contribute their views to help shape the future of public safety and community well-being in Burbank.

Take the survey here