Burbank Police Net 17 DUI Arrests, Zero DUI Related Accidents


Burbank Police have made it a priority to keep drunk drivers off city streets. From September 1-9, BPD has made 17 DUI arrests, while there have been zero DUI related accidents. This past weekend (three days, including Friday evening through Monday morning), the Patrol division arrested 10 drivers for driving under the influence.


“There is absolutely a concerted effort by the police department out there to observe traffic and enforce all drunk-driving related violations, ” commented Sergeant Darin Ryburn of the Burbank Police Department. “Our patrol officers are taking a proactive approach to catching drunk drivers before they get in an accident. I give huge credit to our police force out there for these numbers.”

In a six day period (two three-day weekends), BPD’s 17 arrests show that people continue to drive under the influence on Burbank streets. These arrests have most likely contributed to the reduction of DUI connected accidents, which currently are at zero for the month of September.