Burbank Police Warn of New Phone Scam

By On September 23, 2014

The Burbank Police Department would like to warn the Burbank community about new phone scams that have been occurring in surrounding communities in which victims are being scammed out of money, and receiving threatening messages.

The Burbank Police Department has recently been made aware by adjacent law enforcement agencies of imposters calling residents, identifying themselves as law enforcement officials, and informing them they failed to appear in court for a traffic violation that was caught on camera. The caller tells them they need to purchase a “MoneyPak” prepaid card with a specific amount, and forward them the information, to avoid being arrested or having SWAT raid their home.

They are advising the community that the Burbank Police Department would never call someone by phone and demand money.

With this new trend, thieves are even able to manipulate the caller ID number appearing on the phone to look like the number is coming from a local police department.

Again, the Burbank Police Department does not collect money or arrest people for civil matters like these. In the event someone were to call you and state they were from the Burbank Police Department, ask for their name, badge number, a name of their supervisor, then hang up, and call BPD at 818-238-3000.

Furthermore the Burbank Police do not use cameras that would issue tickets like the ‘Red Light’ cameras that are used in different cities.