Burbank Police Warn of Fire Inspector Scam


The Burbank Police Department has issued a public service message warning scam artists are targeting  businesses around Los Angeles County, and the state, claiming to be fire safety inspectors.  These phony “inspectors” trick employees into believing they are legitimate inspectors, gain access into a building or facility, and then ask employees to sign documents that are used for billing the business owner.

Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley issued a consumer alert that businesses and their employees need to be on the lookout for phony inspectors.  Cooley added fire departments conduct safety inspections, and do not charge for the service.

If you do encounter a suspicious request for access to business fire, life, or safety equipment, contact the Burbank Police at (818) 238-3000, or the Los Angeles County Fire Department’s Public Affairs section at (323) 881-2411.

You can review both the Burbank Police Department and LA County District Attorney Community alerts at BPD Community Alert / LA County Consumer Alert.