Burbank Police Will be on the Lookout for Illegal Fireworks, Celebratory Gunfire


Title: Burbank Police Department Urges Community to Celebrate Fourth of July Safely

​As the Fourth of July approaches, the Burbank Police Department is reminding residents to prioritize safety and refrain from engaging in illegal activities.

​ Chief of Police, Michael Albanese, issued a statement emphasizing the dangers of fireworks and celebratory gunfire, while also highlighting the city’s regulations on drone operations.

The Burbank Police Department is urging the community to refrain from possessing or using any fireworks, as it is illegal within the city limits. Officers will be on high alert throughout the holiday weekend, confiscating any fireworks found and issuing citations or making arrests.

​The department emphasizes that even fireworks labeled as “safe and sane” can cause severe injuries, including burns, fractures, and scars. In recent years, fireworks have been a leading cause of injuries requiring emergency room treatment, often resulting in harm to the eyes, head, and hands.

​In addition to fireworks, celebratory gunfire is also strictly prohibited and considered a felony. Chief Albanese warns that firing a gun into the air can have fatal consequences, as stray bullets can cause harm or even kill innocent bystanders.

​ Residents are encouraged to report any instances of gunfire to the police.

To provide a safe and enjoyable alternative, the Burbank Parks and Recreation Department will be hosting a professional fireworks show at the Starlight Bowl. ​ The community is encouraged to attend this event and purchase tickets through the official website.

Furthermore, the Burbank Police Department wants to remind residents that drone operations are unlawful within the city limits, except for limited exceptions outlined by federal law. Operating drones near fireworks, police and fire operations, at night, or over people is strictly prohibited. ​ Violators may face legal consequences.

Chief Albanese concludes the statement by urging the community to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday responsibly. He emphasizes the importance of not firing guns into the air and refraining from using illegal fireworks.