Burbank Rent Ranked As The 5th Most Expensive


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The Zumper Los Angeles Metro Report analyzed active listings in July across 19 metro cities to show the most and least expensive cities and cities with the fastest growing rents.

Cities Ranked By Rent


Most Expensive

Santa Monica, CA rent grew $150 this month to $3,110 and ranked as the most expensive in the metro area.

BurCal Apartments8715

Los Angeles & Pasadena, CA tied for second with rents at $2,150.

Glendale, CA was third with one bedrooms priced at $2,100.

Least Expensive

Palmdale, CA rent grew a slight $30 since last month but continued to rank, by far, as the most affordable.

Bellflower, CA had the second least expensive rent at $1,270.

Pomona, CA rent, only $10 more expensive than Bellflower, ranked as third.

Yearly Growth Rate


The Fastest Growing (Y/Y%)

West Covina, CA had the fastest growing rent since this time last year, up 15.3%.

Alhambra, CA rent was the second fastest growing, climbing 13.5%.

Hawthorne, CA was third with a 13% rental yearly growth rate.

The Fastest Growing (M/M%)

Culver City, CA rent grew 5.2% since last month, making it the fastest growing.

Santa Monica, CA rent was close behind with a 5.1% monthly growth rate.

Glendale, Burbank, & Bellflower, CA all tied for third with rents climbing 5%.


Full Data

The Zumper LA Metro Report analyzed active listings that hit the market in July 2017. Listings are aggregated by city to calculate median asking rents.

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BurCal Apartments8715


  1. Are you simply re-purposing their content, or is this a paid ad? Also, this is a typo (on their site as well) – Burbank is ranked 6. Glendale should be ranked 4. (There’s no 3 because of a tie for 2. The U.S. chart correctly shows ties in this manner.)

    • Good point about the ranking – it is actually an article that we reprinted with permission from Zumper – we are not able top go in and change their graphics. Just thought it might be interesting to Burbank people on a slow news day!

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