Burbank Resident Urges Vote for Nos


I have known David Nos for nearly ten years through various business and social circles. David is a rational, reasonable and considerate individual who shares my concerns for the future of Burbank.

The recent election results point to a clear desire for new leadership in our city government. I was pleased to see Bob Frutos’ election to the City Council out-right and believe our next, best choice for change is David Nos. Civic leader, local business owner and former member of the Burbank Unified School District, David is well advised and equipped for the job.

I have been following this campaign very closely, and it appears to me that Bob Frutos and David Nos share a vision for thoughtful, balanced planning in our community. The future of Burbank depends on attracting businesses and creating high-quality jobs while protecting the integrity, value and safety of our neighborhoods.

I urge you to consider David Nos for City Council.


Von Johnson
Burbank Resident for 31 years

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