This Pet Peeve is Really a Dog-Gone Problem


Why do so many dog owners feel the need to bring their pets to every crowded community event? As we made our way through the wall of humanity (estimated at over 20,000 people) at Burbank’s Centennial Party back on July 8, I couldn’t help but notice all the dogs.  The nearly 5-hour long event was an ordeal for parents and kids — I would imagine it wasn’t all that easy for the dogs, either.

I noticed the same thing at the recent National Night Out event over at the Chandler Bikeway — more people with dogs.  Big dogs, little dogs, you name it; they were there.  Walking on the asphalt street probably wasn’t all that comfortable for the dogs. I know my “dogs” (feet) were killing me by the end of the 2 ½ hour event.

This past weekend I attended a art exhibit at a local church.  It was kids’ artwork on display, and one of the kids came complete with her pet rabbit.  Of course all the kids wanted to pet the furry little critter.   The poor things looked petrified with fear.

Just this week I went with my granddaughter to pick up her student packet at her elementary school.   Volunteers were handing out the packets at tables inside the school’s main hallway.  Sure enough, there was a girl and her mom carrying their Chihuahua.  Apparently they didn’t know, or care, that dogs aren’t allowed at school.

The list goes on, with ladies carry their little “foo-foo” dogs in purses, snakes as necklaces, and birds perched on shoulders.  I’ve heard that many of the “now wild” exotic birds around town were once perched on the shoulders of their now former owners.

Saturday Watering

A few years ago we went to a street fair type event in San Luis Obispo.  The friends we were visiting brought along their little dog.  The folks in SLO-town didn’t allow dogs at this event.  Apparently they were concerned about safety, both for the dogs and the people attending, as well as the health factor since food was being sold and served on the closed off street. It was nicer for the humans attending, and probably for the pets, too.

Coming up on August 20, is Magnolia Park’s annual “Be-Boppin’ in the Park.”  Their web site already tells folks they can’t smoke at the event.  Perhaps they need to add a line about please leave your pets at home.
Before you sic Fido on me, I’m not a dog hater.  They aren’t my favorite animal, but I don’t hate them.  I even like a few, like my neighbor’s wiener dogs, or Craig Sherwood’s dog Rocky.  I love our two cats, who are indoor cats, and don’t ever get taken out to be paraded around in crowds.  Pets, be they dogs, cats, or whatever, are great.  Just do them a favor and think twice before you bring them to crowded community events.


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