Burbank School Board Votes Yes For Developer Fee Justification Study

Four-hour long meeting includes Report on the Developer Fee Justification Study.

(Photo By Ross Benson)

During the more than four-hour Burbank School Board meeting held last week at City Hall, several topics were discussed including the Report on The Developer Fee Justification Study which was voted on and confirmed by a 4-0 vote.

Debbie Kutka, Assistant Superintendent, Administrative Services introduced Doug Floyd of Koppel & Gruber, Public Finance, who presented the developer justification study.

Floyd gave a Level 1 fees overview in which caps are adjusted every other year (even years) by the State Allocation Board.

The SAB adjusted Level 1 fees on February 23, 2022, are $4.79 per square foot for new residential development and $.078 per square foot for new commercial/industrial construction.

In order to increase the Level 1 fees to the current fee caps, the district must prepare and adopt a Fee Justification Study.

The requirements set forth under Government Code Section 66000 are: 1) identify the purpose and use of the fee. 2) determine the relationship between fee use and new development. 3) determine the relationship between fee amount and facilities costs attributable to new development and 4) provide an annual accounting of the fees collected.

The study methodology residential fee in which government code section 66001 allows school fees to include the cost attributable to the increased demand for public facilities reasonably related to the development project[s] in which the fee is imposed in order to 1) refurbish existing facilities to maintain the existing level of service and 2) achieve an adopted level of service that is consistent with the general plan.

After approval, which it was, the Planning Department of new fee amounts became effective 60 days later on June 20.