Burbank School District Receives Check For Recycling Help

Photo By Ross A. Benson

After a successful E-waste Collection Event held by the Burbank Unified School District on February 5-6, Christopher Wheeler, account executive for TRI Products, the company that held the event, returned with a BIG CHECK. Literally. The event was held to give residents and businesses in the area a free opportunity to rid themselves of unwanted or broken electronic items. “These items run the gamut from baby monitors to big screen televisions,” explains Wheeler.

By definition Electronic Waste is any item that is electrically powered, but includes battery operated items as well. Over 26,000 Lbs. of these items were turned over for recycling during the two-day event. “It is important to remember that any of these items that end up in landfill dumps can directly affect our water quality. That is why California state law requires that all electronics be recycled,” added Wheeler. It is also important to know that ALL of the E-waste collected by TRI is recycled locally and the commodities are all sold locally as well. The Burbank Unified School District received a check for $1,333.05 which represents $0.04 per Lb for every pound collected. Another event is planned for September 2011 and will also benefit BUSD so look for future announcements. Residents and businesses are also encouraged to visit TRI Products website www.ewaste4u.com or call Christopher at 626-277-4500 for any and all E-waste related questions or comments.


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