Burbank School District Says Face Masks Are No Longer Mandatory

Thursday's School Board Meeting was filled with important information.

(Photo By Ross Benson)

In so many situations, COVID-19, which has been around since March 2020, has upended numerous lives in countless ways, including having to wear a mask when indoors and outdoors.

At Thursday night’s Board of Education meeting at City Hall, Dr. Matt Hill, the Superintendent, updated the status of whether masks are mandatory in schools.

He said while it’s strongly recommended that people continue to wear masks, it’s not mandatory.

For many people, this is surely a relief, but it’s still a matter of individual choice whether they do or don’t put on a mask.

Hill reminded everyone that the coronavirus is still present and it’s smart to follow the county guidelines such as keeping a safe distance between you and others and washing your hands throughout the day.

While spring break is something that students look forward to, Hill said those individuals who hope to have fun should also be safe.

Debbie Kutka, the Assistant Superintendent, Administration Services, then introduced Toby Black, the district’s testing coordinator.

Black said we do have a map of where we’re going, and this is key. Black also noted that it’s better to be proactive to the best of our ability and to keep a constant connection with the community.

Black then added that it’s important to be flexible because testing is ever-changing and it’s vital to make sure that students and staff get tested, but that you don’t want to over-test anybody. Test kits will be distributed as needed.

There have been approximately 2,300 tests weekly at the high schools and for the secondary school students, testing is available during school hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Black said the current trend of COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County is going down, which is a good sign.

Still, besides COVID-19, there are other new variants and new surges that we cannot control, so you need to be ever vigilant.

In April, Black said there will be a second dose of boosters for children and adults.

Kutka discussed the budget and specifically the budget for the Walt Disney Elementary School.

The general construction management services are not to exceed $800,500, it said in a slide presentation.

Additionally, the cabling infrastructure should not surpass $51,313.93, and the classroom installations should not exceed $35,115.85. The portable restrooms and handwashing stations should not cost more than $27,000.

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