Burbank Schools Celebrate 90 Years with ‘State of the Schools’ Breakfast


Every year Burbank celebrates their State of the City address with an informative and multi-media presentation.

With the Burbank schools turning 90 this year, the Burbank Educational Foundation decided to hold a “State of the Schools” breakfast with the goal of raising $90,000 that will support Burbank students in both their core and curriculum extra-curricular activities.

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

They could not have found a better host than Burbank’s own Tim Conway Jr. who hosts his own popular radio show nightly on KFI AM. Conway not only disclosed his reasons for coming to live in Burbank (schools), but also was fluent in his transitions during the breakfast with some great observations.

Longtime  Roosevelt teacher Linda Walmsey and former Burbank student and now successful developer, Michael Cusumano co-chaired the sold-out event that was successful in raising their goal.

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

Besides Cusumano who talked about his journey through Burbank schools and why he chose them for his children, others such as 1964 Olympic Pole Vault Gold Medalist Ron Morris in addition to Jay Hawver, Dr. George Pacal, Jamie Keyser, Debbie Kutka, Bob Bowne, Derek Trabilcy, Jon Schafer and Mary Alvord, Jenny Griffin and her daughter Lauren. In all, these   top leaders in town all talked about their experiences going through the school system.

While the present of the District were honored in both Walmsley, who has been with the district since 1971 and Gloria Garcia, who has been serving as a classified employee since 1973, the future of the district were also highlighted in three high school students.

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

Three students, Sarah Faucheux (Burroughs High) Mathew Khalil (Burbank High) and  Ian Scott (Monterey High), represented the future and each gave a unique presentation of their experiences. All three were excellent speakers in a room that represented the heavyweights of both Burbank schools and business.

Burbank Unified Superintendent Matt Hill ended the two hour breakfast by motivating the attendees to find people to help engage with the district. He stressed volunteerism, counseling or anything that one could do to help not only the schools, but the students who populate them.