Burbank Boys Summer Basketball League Tips-Off on Tuesday

By On June 14, 2014


Summer basketball has arrived and the Burbank Bulldogs will be hosting their annual Boys Varsity Summer League every Tuesday and Thursday beginning this Tuesday, June 17, and lasting until Tuesday, July 22.

The host Bulldogs, under the leadership of Coach Jerry DeLaurie, will play this week on Tuesday at 6:45 p.m. vs. Notre Dame and on Thursday at 9:45 p.m. vs. Grant.

Schedule of games-

Tuesday, June 17
Team 1Team 2LocationGymTime
1La Canada  vs.ParacleteGlendale High SchoolBig3:00
1Glendale  vs.ParacleteGlendale High SchoolBig4:00
1Harvard Westlake  vs.Valley AcademyBurbank High SchoolBig5:45
1Notre Dame  vs.BurbankBurbank High SchoolBig6:45
1SOCES  vs.ChatsworthBurbank High SchoolBig7:45
1Marshall  vs.Golden ValleyBurbank High SchoolBig8:45
1Crescenta Valley  vs.GrantBurbank High SchoolBig9:45
1Campbell Hall  vs.North HollywoodBurbank High SchoolSmall9:45
Thursday, June 19
Team 1Team 2LocationGymTime
2Campbell Hall  vs.La CanadaGlendale High SchoolBig3:00
2Notre Dame  vs.GlendaleGlendale High SchoolBig4:00
2Harvard Westlake  vs.KnightBurbank High SchoolBig5:45
2North Hollywood  vs.Golden ValleyBurbank High SchoolBig6:45
2Chatsworth  vs.KnightBurbank High SchoolBig7:45
2Valley Academy  vs.Crescenta ValleyBurbank High SchoolBig8:45
2Burbank  vs.GrantBurbank High SchoolBig9:45
2SOCES  vs.MarshallBurbank High SchoolSmall9:45
Tuesday, June 24
Team 1Team 2LocationGymTime
3La Canada  vs.Crescenta ValleyGlendale High SchoolBig3:00
3Marshall  vs.GlendaleGlendale High SchoolBig4:00
3SOCES  vs.ParacleteBurbank High SchoolBig5:45
3Notre Dame  vs.Golden ValleyBurbank High SchoolBig6:45
3Valley Academy  vs.ParacleteBurbank High SchoolBig7:45
3Harvard Westlake  vs.ChatsworthBurbank High SchoolBig8:45
3Burbank  vs.North HollywoodBurbank High SchoolBig9:45
3Campbell Hall  vs.GrantBurbank High SchoolSmall9:45
Thursday, June 26
Team 1Team 2LocationGymTime
4Marshall  vs.Campbell HallGlendale High SchoolBig3:00
4Glendale  vs.SOCESGlendale High SchoolBig4:00
4Knight  vs.BurbankBurbank High SchoolBig5:45
4Golden Valley  vs.ChatsworthBurbank High SchoolBig6:45
4Knight  vs.North HollywoodBurbank High SchoolBig7:45
4Harvard Westlake  vs.La CanadaBurbank High SchoolBig8:45
4Grant  vs.Valley AcademyBurbank High SchoolBig9:45
4Crescenta Valley  vs.Notre DameBurbank High SchoolSmall9:45
Tuesday, July 1
Team 1Team 2LocationGymTime
5Crescenta Valley  vs.North HollywoodGlendale High SchoolBig3:00
5Glendale  vs.ChatsworthGlendale High SchoolBig4:00
5Grant  vs.ParacleteBurbank High SchoolBig5:45
5Marshall  vs.BurbankBurbank High SchoolBig6:45
5Paraclete  vs.Golden ValleyBurbank High SchoolBig7:45
5Harvard Westlake  vs.SOCESBurbank High SchoolBig8:45
5La Canada  vs.Valley AcademyBurbank High SchoolBig9:45
5Campbell Hall  vs.Notre DameBurbank High SchoolSmall9:45
Tuesday, July 8
Team 1Team 2LocationGymTime
6Notre Dame  vs.GrantGlendale High SchoolBig3:00
6Campbell Hall  vs.GlendaleGlendale High SchoolBig4:00
6Chatsworth  vs.ParacleteBurbank High SchoolBig5:45
6Burbank  vs.Golden ValleyBurbank High SchoolBig6:45
6Burbank White  vs.ParacleteBurbank High SchoolBig7:45
6Harvard Westlake  vs.North HollywoodBurbank High SchoolBig8:45
6La Canada  vs.MarshallBurbank High SchoolBig9:45
6SOCES  vs.Valley AcademyBurbank High SchoolSmall9:45
Thursday, July 10
Team 1Team 2LocationGymTime
7Notre Dame  vs.SOCESGlendale High SchoolBig3:00
7North Hollywood  vs.GlendaleGlendale High SchoolBig4:00
7Harvard Westlake  vs.KnightBurbank High SchoolBig5:45
7Golden Valley  vs.GrantBurbank High SchoolBig6:45
7Knight  vs.Valley AcademyBurbank High SchoolBig7:45
7Chatsworth  vs.MarshallBurbank High SchoolBig8:45
7Burbank  vs.La CanadaBurbank High SchoolBig9:45
7Burbank White  vs.Campbell HallBurbank High SchoolSmall9:45
Tuesday, July 15
Team 1Team 2LocationGymTime
8Grant  vs.La CanadaGlendale High SchoolBig3:00
8Harvard Westlake  vs.GlendaleGlendale High SchoolBig4:00
8Paraclete  vs.Campbell HallBurbank High SchoolBig5:45
8Golden Valley  vs.SOCESBurbank High SchoolBig6:45
8Paraclete  vs.Notre DameBurbank High SchoolBig7:45
8Valley Academy  vs.MarshallBurbank High SchoolBig8:45
8Chatsworth  vs.BurbankBurbank High SchoolBig9:45
8North Hollywood  vs.Burbank WhiteBurbank High SchoolSmall9:45
Thursday, July 17
Team 1Team 2LocationGymTime
9Harvard Westlake  vs.MarshallGlendale High SchoolBig3:00
9Glendale  vs.La CanadaGlendale High SchoolBig4:00
9Knight  vs.Notre DameBurbank High SchoolBig5:45
9North Hollywood  vs.ChatsworthBurbank High SchoolBig6:45
9Knight  vs.BurbankBurbank High SchoolBig7:45
9Valley Academy  vs.Campbell HallBurbank High SchoolBig8:45
9Grant  vs.SOCESBurbank High SchoolBig9:45
9Golden Valley  vs.Burbank WhiteBurbank High SchoolSmall9:45
Tuesday, July 22
Team 1Team 2LocationGymTime
10Chatsworth  vs.Campbell HallGlendale High SchoolBig3:00
10Golden Valley  vs.GlendaleGlendale High SchoolBig4:00
10Knight  vs.Valley AcademyBurbank High SchoolBig5:45
10North Hollywood  vs.La CanadaBurbank High SchoolBig6:45
10Knight  vs.MarshallBurbank High SchoolBig7:45
10Harvard Westlake  vs.GrantBurbank High SchoolBig8:45
10Burbank  vs.SOCESBurbank High SchoolBig9:45
10Burbank White  vs.Notre DameBurbank High SchoolSmall9:45