Burbank Sunrise Rotary Donates 3,000 Books to St. Finbar School Library


On Dec. 14, six members of Burbank Sunrise Rotary — club president Rod Gregson, Beth Anderson (who had done most of the organizing), Lee Stacy, Dave Thomas, Janice Lowers, and Mary Gilbert — loaded up three vehicles containing dozens of boxes with about 3,000 books they had earlier collected, purchased, and labeled and delivered them to the St. Finbar School Library, which had lost many of their books during a remodeling snafu.  The kids were very excited to have some new books to read and reference, and librarian Dora Morales was literally moved to tears she was so happy with the donation.

Burbank Sunrise Rotary meets every Tuesday at 7:15AM in the Holiday Inn at 150 E. Angeleno Ave., Burbank.  Contact club president Rod Gregson at (818) 428-0151 for questions. www.burbankrotary.com
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