Burbank Survives With Minimal Damage From First Storm of the Season


Winter finally showed up in Burbank on Monday morning and when it got here it started with a bang.

A couple of cars received damage from the toppled tree on Parish (Photo Courtesy Robert Peres)

Around 1 am, lightning and thunder were common during the first hour of the storm that forecasters had predicted, although not with the lighter rainfall predicted. As of 4 pm on Tuesday, the myBurbank Weather Center had received 1.37 inches of rain which saturated the area.

Burbank fire responded to a pole fire in the 1200 block of Alameda at 12:17 am as the storm first hit. They also responded to arching wires in the 1700 block of Scott at 1:15 am, the 2700 block of Buena Vista at 1:37 am, as well as wires down in the 3700 block of Clark at 6:46 am and the 200 block of N. Screenland at 11:27 am. Burbank Water and Power did not report any outages at this point.

Several trees and limbs took a tumble also with the most damage occurring in the 600 block of N. Parish when a tree fell, damaging two cars and lifting a section of sidewalk around 7 am. Luckily, the tree missed two houses with City crews arriving by 8:15 am to remove the tree. The crew said that they had been working all night with several trees and branches coming down.

The tree toppled from the roots and buckled the sidewalk. (Photo Courtesy Robert Peres)

With this first storm, Burbank has only had 1.46 inches of rain so far this season.