Burbank Teachers Association Endorses Steve Ferguson for School Board


The Burbank Teachers Association announced its endorsement of Steve Ferguson for School Board.

Association President, Lori Adams, cited Ferguson’s experience and new ideas, as well as his dedication to the students of the district, in a statement announcing the organization’s endorsement on Wednesday.

“Steve has been very involved in many areas of city government in Burbank and will bring new ideas and energy to the board.  Steve will listen to all members of the community and ultimately will do what is right for our students,” Adams said.

“Having the support of Burbank’s teachers demonstrates the continued strength of this community-based campaign. I’ve worked with our teachers before to deliver the best for our students and I look forward to doing it again.” Steve Ferguson said, on Wednesday in response to the endorsement announcement.

Steve Ferguson has already received the support of Former Mayors Mary Lou Howard and Marsha Ramos, City Council Member Dr. David Gordon, Police Commission Chair Elise Stearns-Niesen, School Board Member Dr. Roberta Reynolds, and over 50 community endorsers.