Burbank Teen Assaulted By Robbers


A Burbank teen lost a piece of his ear after reportedly being assaulted by robbers as he walked near Izay Park.

Officers responded to the emergency room at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center at 10:45 p.m. regarding a 17 year-old male juvenile who had been assaulted and robbed.  The victim told them that he was walking home around 9:20 p.m. on Virginia Ave. between Olive Ave. and Angeleno Ave., when the attack occurred.

The teen was confronted by four men, described as male Hispianics between 18-22 years old.  One suspect demanded the victim’s phone.  When he refused to hand it over, the suspect began swinging at the victim’s face.  As he turned away, a second suspect began hitting him about the head and face with a mini baseball bat.  The other two suspects then began to punch the victim in the face and body.  The beating ended when one of the suspects yelled out that someone was coming.  The four suspects then fled towards Olive Ave.

Despite his injuries, the victim walked home, where he told his parents what had happened.  They drove the boy to the hospital.  He was treated for his injuries, which included lacerations to his face and neck, and the loss of a piece of his left ear.

Officers went to the area where the teen said the attack occurred, and conducted a follow-up investigation.  They were unable to locate anyone who had witnesses the attack.   The case is still under investigation.

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