Burbank to Host Women’s Rights Conference on Equal Rights Amendment Feb 23-24


The California Federation of Business and Professional Women is inviting the public to a conference, “These Rights Are Ours: The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and Other Advocacy Issues Affecting Women,” taking place on Friday, February 23 and Saturday, February 24 at the Courtyard by Marriott Los Angeles-Burbank Airport located at 2100 Empire Avenue, Burbank.

Open to everyone, not just Burbank Business and Professional Women club members, this event promises engaging discussions from leading voices, focusing on the ERA, public policy, and women’s advocacy. Admission is set at $55 for Friday, including lunch, and $10 for conference-only access. Saturday’s sessions, featuring lunch, are available for $65, with a $10 option for those attending the conference without lunch.

The conference has a strong line-up of speakers. Fabiola Carrion, serving as the Director of Reproductive and Sexual Health at the National Health Law Center, will bring her expertise, emphasizing the integration of reproductive justice principles in healthcare advocacy. Her work underlines the importance of self-determination over women’s bodies, sexuality, health, families, and reproduction, echoing the core values of the reproductive justice movement.

Aria-Vue Daugherty, an inspiring high school senior and the California Director of Generation Ratify, is set to share her experiences and achievements in the fight to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Under her leadership, Generation Ratify has become a robust coalition of high school and college students nationwide, dedicated to training young activists in lobbying and organizing direct actions. Their efforts, including filing two amicus briefs in significant legal actions, aim to ensure the ERA’s inclusion in the Constitution, marking a pivotal step towards gender equality.

Adding a critical perspective on another pressing issue, Rachel Gonzalez, Organizing Manager of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, will outline the organization’s strategic approach to enacting common-sense gun laws. Through a combination of legislation, litigation, and education, the Brady Campaign stands at the forefront of the movement to prevent gun violence, highlighting the intersection of public safety and women’s rights.

In a special feature of the conference, attendees will have the unique opportunity to view “Finding Justice: The Untold Story of Women’s Fight for the Vote,” a short film produced by the Justice Bell Foundation. This compelling documentary sheds light on the often-overlooked stories of women’s relentless struggle for suffrage, providing historical context and inspiration for the ongoing fight for equality.

The conference will also honor Senator Maria Elena Durazo with an award, underscoring its significance as a forum for championing women’s rights in California.