Burbank to Suspend Fares on BurbankBus on California Clean Air Day October 4


On September 26, 2023, Burbank City Council adopted a resolution that authorizes the Community Development Director to waive BurbankBus fares on environmental, active transportation, and public transit promotional days, demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainable transportation options.

The City Council’s unanimous approval of this resolution comes in due time for California Clean Air Day on October 4, 2023. Burbank’s participation in California Clean Air Day will be marked by the waiver of BurbankBus fares for the entire day, which includes fixed-route and senior & disabled transit services. This statewide event, sponsored by the Coalition for Clean Air and supported by various partners, including Metrolink and MoveLA, aims to improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions by encouraging cleaner modes of transportation. Residents, visitors, and those working in Burbank are invited to take advantage of the free fare day and encouraged to make choices that contribute to cleaner air, such as opting for public transit. There will be a booth at the Downtown Burbank Metrolink Station that day from 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. for riders to obtain more information and resources about public transit.

“Council’s approval of this resolution and our participation in Clean Air Day on October 4th is a great way for our residents to try out sustainable transportation options,” said David Kriske, Assistant Community Development Director.


    1. The BurbankBus is a failed program that should be ended in the best interest of the taxpayers. A well-meaning but too-expensive project that only helps a small number of people but emits huge pollution, costs millions, and hurts us with higher taxes and fees while helping only a small fraction of our population.

      An independent analysis from May 2022 unveiled a startling picture of BurbankBus’s finances. With a then-annual operating budget of $8.9 million providing 142,000 rides, the staggering cost is $62.68 per ride. This is significantly higher than most private ride-sharing services.

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