City of Burbank to Target: You Need to Dot I’s and Cross T’s

By On September 21, 2016

As first reported here in myBurbank on Monday, Target has announced that it will open a new ” flexible-format” location at 1033 N. Hollywood Way in a store that once held Akron’s until the mid-1980’s.

artist rendering for the site to be opened at 1011 N. Hollywood Way

artist rendering for the site to be opened at 1011 N. Hollywood Way

Many in the community has lashed out about parking and traffic concerns in the Magnolia Park area where the store is planned.

In a comment to myBurbank posted by Community Development Director Patrick Prescott, he states that while Target has inquired about the property, the City of Burbank has not approved the store.

What has not been established is if the area, which was originally zoned for the Akron store to do business from 1955 through 1985 was still in effect. If the area is not zoned for the store, Target might have to apply for a conditional use permit through the City.

At Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, Councilman Will Rogers asked Prescott for more information and was told what is referenced below in his comments.

Below is the comment sent in by Patrick Prescott:

Hello. Patrick Prescott here. I’m the city’s Community Development Director and I would like to clarify that the City of Burbank has not approved a Target store at 1033 N Hollywood Way. Target inquired about the property a week or so ago and the planner they spoke to told them we needed more information about what they are proposing. They have submitted no applications and the city has approved nothing, although we have some preliminary drawings of how they would like to use the building.  We agree this is an unusual location for Target to pursue given the limited amount of parking at the site.

Here’s what we know:
1. Target is building a new small “flexible format” store concept and they would like to open one at 1033 N Hollywood Way.

2. The size of the 1033 N Hollywood Way building is about 24,000 square feet. For comparison, the Target at the Empire Center is about 146,000 square feet. The Ralphs at Buena Vista and Victory is about 35,000 square feet.

3. A business like this could require special permits from the city, but we haven’t determined which since we only received their drawings of the building on Friday.  We have to figure out exactly what is being proposed before we can provide information on permit applications and possibly help them find a different location in the city.