Burbank Tournament of Roses Looking For Designs For 2013

Design of 2012 Burbank Rose Float

The 2013 Design Contest has now started!! Design Contest entry form and rules are available at: www.burbankrosefloat.com/forms/DESIGN13.pdf

Burbank Chamber

The actual parade theme will be announced January 20, 2012, but until then Tournament has provided the following “hint” of the theme:

The 2013 Rose Parade theme encourages us to picture the journey of our lives once untethered from the perceived constraints of convention. Parade viewers will be encouraged to reflect on their passions and to conceive of a plan to make them realities. The phrase inspires wonder and ignites our sense of adventure. It motivates us to embrace all that lies ahead and to follow our bliss with joy and optimism.

The 2013 theme is whimsical and childlike while equally relevant to all ages. It reminds us that every journey begins with a first step, and that making a difference in one’s own life and in the lives of others can begin again at any point along our life’s path. It should rejoice in the accomplishments of others and also ask: “Why wait. Maybe I can do that too.” The theme should speak to our deepest personal dreams and most treasured memories.

The 2013 theme is a call for personal action. It is a message of aspiration and of doing our best. It is an affirmation that we own the ability to make the most of every choice we find before us.

Burbank Chamber

Remember, deadline to turn in your submissions is Wednesday, January 25, 2012 by 8:00 p.m.


Submit your entry to:

2013 Design Contest

1815 W. Chandler Blvd.

Burbank, CA 91506


Design Contest Notes:

Your entries should be on paper NO LARGER THAN 11” X 17”.

It must be in black and white (no color entries allowed).

There must be a completely filled out and signed entry form for each entry submitted.

The entry form must be in an envelope that is taped to the back of the entry.

IF a written description is provided, please tape it the bottom of the entry so that it hangs below the picture.

Please no names or other identifying marks on the drawing—voting is done on a blind basis.


The winner receives two tickets to the 2013 Rose Parade! So, start drawing those ideas!