Burbank Unfied Appoints Heard as the New Director for the Burbank Adult School

Image Courtesy Burbank Unified School District

Burbank Unified is pleased to announce that Wendy Heard has been appointed as the new Director for the Burbank Adult School, FACTS, and the Independent Learning Academy.

Wendy holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and wrote her thesis on reducing attrition in adult education programs.

After beginning her career teaching elementary special education, she moved into adult education at the Burbank Adult School, where she taught multiple subjects and served as Department Chair for academic programs. During her tenure in Burbank, she won an Apex Award of Excellence for her blended learning program design.

At the Central office of the LAUSD, Wendy served on the Curriculum and Instruction leadership team, overseeing instructional technology for all adult education programs including the transition to online learning during the 2020 pandemic shutdown. She has worked on curriculum development projects at the state level with the California Community College Chancellor’s Office, CalPRO, and the American Institutes for Research.

Wendy is a math item writer for the CASAS test and has designed curriculum for Canvas Instructure.

She lives in Burbank with her family; her daughter will be attending Luther Middle School this fall. 


    1. Would it be to much to ask for a few sentences about the person she replaced? What a slap in the face for a former leader who has done a wonderful job.

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