Burbank Unified School District Board of Education Candidate: Charlene Tabet


Burbank Board of Education incumbent Charlene Tabet is currently vice president of the board, where she has contributed since 2013. The Burbank native has lived in the city for nearly six decades and is a fan of Burbank theaters and entertainment venues such as the Starlight Bowl. Tabet is a graduate of BUSD schools, as are her three children. As she seeks to continue her involvement in the Board of Education, Tabet shares how she maintains the impactful friendships that began while she was a student at Burbank High School. 

How long have you been a Burbank resident? What first brought you to the city?

I have lived in Burbank all my life … 57 years now!

What do you enjoy most about Burbank?

I enjoy the small-town feel while enjoying the restaurants, shopping and attractions of a big city.

Where is your go-to place to have a good time in Burbank?

I enjoy the Starlight Bowl in the summer. I enjoy our movie theatres, parks and local hiking trails the rest of the year.

Tell us a little bit about your background leading up to your candidacy. 

I am the mother of three children, all of whom went to Burbank Schools as I did. I was very involved in school groups and all the sports my children played.

I taught middle school language arts and social studies. And I love to travel!

What is a fun fact about yourself that you’d like to share? 

Like most Burbankers, I still have most of the same friendships with people I went to high school with.

Note: Some answers have been edited for clarity. All answers are provided by candidates and do not denote verification on behalf of myBurbank.


    1. In modern partisan times school boards have become highly divisive and important government positions. As a reader and voter I would be very interested to learn about the candidates position on book banning, on teacher protocol on what culturally sensitive subjects need to be avoided in classrooms, on classroom size, school safety, on teacher pay, support for teacher unions. What do these candidates want to accomplish in their positions they are vying for. At least link to a webpage were we can get more info. Useful information would be nice, not so much how many cats they have. Hopefully this publication will follow up on this.

    2. Board Member Tabet has done nothing measurable to improve test scores and state testing proves this fact. She does not understand that the Superintendent works for and answers to the board, and not the other way around. I would say she is simply a rubber stamp for all the lame policy’s that are put before her. As an observer and participant in years of public BUSD meetings, I can attest that she does not ask questions and simply votes blindly in the affirmative on what is placed before her. To put it bluntly, Ms. Tabet is a follower and not a leader. We need leaders. Desperately.

      If you have a child attending Burbank schools, and you want your child to have the best education possible, I urge you to look elsewhere for a leader to attain that goal.

      Board Member Tabet has not earned the vote of myself or my family members for the above reasons.

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