Burbank Vikings Season Ends – 20 Players Are Named to All-Stars


Both the Junior Black and Midget Black teams of the Burbank Vikings made it to their quarter-final games before being knowcked out of the playoff hunt.

Burbank Chamber

The PYFL – Pacific Youth Football League – has an ALL PYFL All Star selection.  The Senior All Stars will play a game on December 11 at 2 pm at Calabasas High School with three of the Vikigs seniors slated for action.

Here is the entire list of the 2011 Burbank Vikings All Stars for all divisions:

POS Player Division/Team PYFL All Star Team
WR Erick Hernandez Senior Gold 1st Team Offense
TE Ryall Rivera Senior Black 1st Team Offense
CB Brandon Alba Senior Gold 1st Team Defense
Guard Damien Flores Junior Green 1st Team Offense
Guard Ray Garcia Junior Black 1st Team Offense
DT Tommy Sanchez Junior White 2nd Team Defense
S Nick Warren Junior Green 2nd Team Defense
Tackle Connor Boulais Midget Black 2nd Team Offense
CB Danny Chiarodit Midget Black 2nd Team Defense
S TrueHeart Corona Midget Green 2nd Team Defense
Tackle Jacob Moore Bantam Green 1st Team Offense
DE Duncan Smith Bantam Black 1st Team Defense
Guard Diego Santillan Bantam Green 2nd Team Offense
QB Tobi Baklayan Bantam Green 2nd Team Offense
DE Maurice Rozo Jr. Bantam Black 2nd Team Defense
CB Kade Lewis Bantam Green 2nd Team Defense
LB Michael Wallace PeeWee White 1st Team Defense
Guard Duncan Sprengel PeeWee White 2nd Team Offense
Tackle Nicholas Navarro PeeWee White 2nd Team Offense
DE Jonas Baklayan PeeWee White 2nd Team Defense
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