Burbank Wants You to be Part of the Future by Drawing Maps for City Council Districts


In January of 2023, the City Council of Burbank unanimously adopted a Resolution to transition from an at-large election system to a by-district system. This was a significant step towards providing residents with a more powerful voice in local government and decision-making.

While the Council has yet to vote on whether the District Elections will become a reality, they have begun the process as they await more information after a potential lawsuit that would force the City’s hand.

The district formation process was important because it would determine which neighborhoods and communities were grouped together into a district for the purpose of electing members of the City Council. To ensure community involvement in the process, the City announced that they would be hosting public hearings and community forums. They also had two interactive mapping tools, the “Draw Your Neighborhood” and the “District-Drawing Tool,” which invited community members to provide input on the district boundaries.

The districting process will be kicked off with three community forums, where residents can learn about the process and provide their suggestions for the district boundaries. The forums will present the same material and have Spanish and Armenian simultaneous interpretations available. For other languages, residents could email info@BurbankCouncilDistricting.com to request language assistance.

The first community forum is scheduled for Thursday, March 30th, at 6 pm at the Buena Vista Public Library. The second forum was set to take place on Thursday, April 6th, at 12 pm, via Zoom, and the third forum will be held on Saturday, April 8th, at 10:30 am, at the Community Services Building Rm 104.

Residents were urged to visit BurbankCouncilDistricting.com for additional meeting details and other valuable information, such as an overview of the districting process and instructions on the mapping tools. The website also provided the entire schedule of community forums and relevant public hearings.


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  1. Has myBurbank reached out to the person who initiated this to ask how/where he feels he isn’t represented?
    I would like to know if it stems from a specific issue and if he contacted the members of the council before initiating a potentially costly lawsuit- the city has already spent $100,000.

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