Burbank Water and Power Urging Residents to Try and Conserve Power Over Labor Day Weekend


Burbank Water & Power (BWP) is calling on the community to conserve electricity from Friday, September 2 through Tuesday, September 6 by setting AC thermostats to 78 degrees between 4pm and 9pm.

“Air conditioning is one of the biggest uses of electricity during prolonged heatwaves. This increased usage puts stress on the electric grid. With the community’s help, BWP is able to maximize solar when the sun shines and better balance supply and demand to reduce blackouts,” says Dawn Roth Lindell, General Manager of Burbank Water and Power. Customers are also encouraged to use their AC to super cool homes earlier in the day so they may enjoy a cool evening.

Conserving energy between 4 PM to 9 PM helps prevent electrical equipment from overheating and keeps the power flowing. During these extreme weather events, electrical equipment bringing power to your home or business does not get a chance to cool off. Overheated electrical equipment has a higher chance of breaking down, causing unplanned power outages. BWP crews are fully staffed through the weekend and prepared to respond to any issues.

For more conservation tips and heatwave-related information, visit BurbankWaterAndPower.com or call at (818) 238-3730.

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    1. Thanks for the update. Serious question, if BWP is concerned about the ability to service the needs of existing customers, why is the City Council approving large-scale building projects such as the Second Century Project (over 800,000 square feet) and the long list of dozens of development projects that the City is approving or has already approved. If the BWP cannot handle the current summer demand, why build even more properties that will further burden our power grid?

    2. This saving electricity thing is a farce. We have so much over generating capacity, we sell power to other cities. The fact is we built a gas turbine generator we did not need, all thanks to the Enron failure.

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