Burbank Water and Power Attains Third Platinum LEED Certified Building on Its Ecocampus


The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) just announced that the Electrical Services Building located at Burbank Water and Power’s EcoCampus has achieved Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certification. Platinum is the highest level attainable and is no easy feat to accomplish. Along with the Administration Building and the Service Center Building, there are now three buildings on the BWP campus that have achieved the highest certification possible from the USGBC.

“Investing in facilities that will last for decades and tread lightly on the environment, along with bringing about the most productivity from their occupants, makes good business and environmental sense” says BWP’s General Manager Ron Davis.

LEED projects receive points for specific actions taken to mitigate a building’s environmental impact.  LEED takes a comprehensive approach, awarding points for such diverse categories as stormwater management, alternative transportation, water use reduction, reduction of the heat island effect, water efficient landscaping, optimizing energy performance, construction waste management and recycling, ventilation, use of low-emitting paints, carpets,  adhesives and sealants, daylighting, and design innovation.  As sufficient LEED credits are garnered, the project is awarded one of four LEED levels: Certified, Silver, Gold or even Platinum.

By taking a campus-wide approach, features such as the solar covered parking structure that generates clean renewable energy and the extensive landscaping that provides storm water capture to recharge our ground water aquifers create shared benefits to help each of the three buildings achieve their Platinum status.

LEED, a voluntary program that provides third-party verification of green buildings, has been successfully established in 135 countries.  The goal of the program is to transform the way built environments are designed, constructed, and operated with the entire lifecycle of a building kept firmly in mind.

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“I could see during my very first tour of Burbank Water and Power’s EcoCampus, the thoughtful innovation incorporated into their modernization. The EcoCampus is an evolving model of what can be accomplished when we work together to protect the environment, conserve our precious resources, and promote sustainable practices,” said California Senator Carol Liu, 25th District.

According to the U.S. Green Building Council, participation in LEED “demonstrates leadership, innovation, environmental stewardship and social responsibility.”  BWP is pleased to have participated in this effort and to create buildings that showcase environmental stewardship.