Burbank Water & Power Completes Installation of New Electric Vehicle Charging Ports

(Photo by © 2021 Ross A. Benson)



Burbank Water and Power announced the installation of 16 new level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging ports located at the Community Services Building parking lot at 375 E. Olive Avenue. The charging ports are conveniently located in Downtown Burbank and are available for members of the public and City employees.

(Photo by © 2021 Ross A. Benson)

The installation of these 16 EV charging ports is part of BWP’s goal to install 24 publicly available EV charging ports during the 2020/21 fiscal year. Other recent installations include six curbside EV charger ports at N. Hollywood Way near Victory Blvd., N. Buena Vista St. adjacent to the Buena Vista Library, and W. Alameda Ave. near S. Main St., and four EV charger ports in the BWP Lake Street parking lot.

Map provided by the City of Burbank of all public car charging locations in Burbank

According to Drew Kidd, Electrical Engineering Associate for the City of Burbank, the charging rates are in line with the City’s power bill structure.

“The charging station fees are by kWh (kilowatt-hour), the same way that we charge for power on a standard bill. The rate is $0.1753 per kWh off-peak hours and $0.3069 per kWh for on-peak hours. On peak hours are 4-7 PM during summer months (June 1 – October 31). This means a normal 2-hour charging session will cost somewhere between $2.31 and $4.051, depending on whether charging was on or off-peak (assuming a charging rate of 6.6 kW, which is a standard rate for many EV models),” said Kidd in an email.

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(Photo by© 2021 Ross A. Benson)

BWP worked closely with the City’s Community Development Department and Public Works Department to complete these projects. Funding came from a grant from the South Coast Air Quality Management District and the sale of state Low Carbon Fuel Standard credits.

“The installation of the 16 EV charger ports in Downtown Burbank is an exciting upgrade for the City because it makes access to charging stations more accessible for residents, Library patrons, Downtown Burbank visitors, and City staff,” said Mayor Bob Frutos.

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