Burbank – What Do You Want to Know From the Candidates?


Burbank residents will be asked to vote in two elections that are extremely important for the City of Burbank.

The City Council will have many issues in the next two years such as the police litigation, a search for a new Police Chief and City Manager, as well as budget concerns while the School Board will be putting to use the $110 million bond issue that was passed earlier this month, besides all of the budget concerns facing the schools.

BurbankNBeyond is in the process of preparing a series of questions that will be sent to all candidates in both races.  We will publish all of their responses for you to read and hopefully give you an opportunity to make up your OWN mind on the issues that effect you and your way of life in Burbank.

BurbankNBeyond staff had talked about endorsements but have come to the conclusion that an informed public is far better then a news outlet TELLING you whom to vote for.  You should always look at all endorsements closely and ask yourself if the person or group endorsing have any connection to Burbank.  Is it a Burbank resident or organization in Burbank endorsing or is it an outside business, party, or political committee trying to influence votes, including outside news agencies.

This is your chance to get the answers to the questions that you want to hear.  We will not use your name, but we do ask that you live or have a business IN Burbank.

We will have the right to condense or reject any questions, but that is not our intent.

We want you involved in this election!  We want you to cast that vote!  Let the candidates know that you are engaged and care!

Please send your questions to questions@burbanknbeyond.com by Sunday, March 24.  We will send them out to the candidates on March 25 and hopefully publish their full, unedited comments around April 1 (no fooling!).