Burbank2035 Final Environmental Impact Report Made Available to Public


The Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) responds to public comments received on the Draft EIR during the public review period (June 30 – September 13, 2012). The focus of the responses to comments is on the adequacy of the environmental analysis presented in the Draft EIR, as specified by Section 15088(c) of the State CEQA Guidelines. Detailed responses are not provided for comments addressing the merits of the proposed project.

The FEIR also describes changes made to the Draft EIR to reflect staff-initiated text changes or in some instances, changes made in response to public comments received. The FEIR was prepared in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act of 1970 (CEQA) and the State CEQA Guidelines (California Code of Regulations Section 15000 et seq.), as well as relevant case law.

Visit www.burbank2035.com for links to the Final EIR as well as to the other related documents: Burbank2035, the Draft Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan (GGRP), and the Draft EIR and Technical Background Report (TBR). The documents are also available for review at the City of Burbank Community Services Building, 150 N. Third Street, Burbank, CA 91502. They are also available at the City Clerk’s office, at all branches of the Burbank Public Library, and at the Joslyn Senior Center and Tuttle Senior Center.

Please forward questions on the document to:

City of Burbank Planning and Transportation Division
Attn: Tracy Steinkruger
150 N. Third Street
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 238-5250

Questions can also be sent by e-mail to: tsteinkruger@ci.burbank.ca.us

The City’s Planning Board will consider recommending approval of Burbank2035, the GGRP, and the FEIR on November 19, 2012 in the City Council Chambers, 275 East Olive Avenue, Burbank at 6:00 p.m. The City Council will consider certification of the FEIR and adoption of Burbank2035 on January 15, 2013 in the City Council Chambers at 6 p.m. Members of the public are invited to attend the meetings and speak during the public hearing.