Burbankers Enjoy America’s Birthday and What the 4th of July Truly Stands For


ED NOTE: John Savageau joins the staff on BurbankNBeyond with his look at how one Burbank neighborhood spent their evening Monday night.  Look for more from John in the coming days.

By John Savageau

American flags proudly waved over Burbank throughout the Independence Day weekend as residents and visitors gathered to celebrate all things USA. An informal survey of houses and condos in the 91501 zip code showed nearly 1 in 4 residents displayed a flag in front of their house, on a pole, or in their front lawn.
Some neighborhoods placed small flags in front of each house along the sidewalk in a show of not only their respect for the holiday, but also in an expression of community. A U.S. Air Force C-17 flyover brought a drab, olive green reminder that freedom is paid for by the service of Americans committed to “defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

“Independence Day is more than a holiday, it is a celebration of our strength as a people and nation” said Kim Mi Jin, 47, a naturalized citizen and Burbank resident originally from South Korea. “Americans understand the meaning of freedom, and are willing to support any country suffering from oppression or tyranny.”

However others are quick to remind us that Independence and freedom are not just beer, BBQ, and fireworks. Marian Chirila, 34, a Canadian visitor originally from Romania advised “Americans cannot fully appreciate the meaning of freedom unless they have experienced life under socialism or communism, and then broken away to build a free nation. “

As night fell on Burbank, residents gathered on street corners to enjoy the fireworks above the Starlight Bowl. Children screamed and squealed with delight at each aerial burst of sound and color, adults talked about past year’s displays, or introduced themselves to neighbors they had never met, and young adults flirted with each other.

Americans and guests enjoying freedom and peace in the Burbank 91501.