Burbank’s Arts for All Foundation Presents Check for School Programs

Burbank Arts for All presented this check in the amount of $ 27,250.00 in grants to The BUSD at it's Board Meeting Thursday evening. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Burbank Arts for All Foundation raises money to support arts education in Burbank Public schools.  Twice a year, in the Fall and again in the Spring they accept applications for funding of arts programs in Burbank Public schools and give money away. Those are the two best days of the year for the foundation, and would like to celebrate their Spring cycle of giving with the public.

In addition to general fund giving, during the Spring cycle they award the prestigious Dr. Bowman Grant for Group Professional Development and the Dr. Bowman Grant for Individual Professional Development.

The Foundation is giving $27,250 this cycle, more than ever before, bringing their total giving to date to over $150,000. Funds from this cycle alone will impact more than 5,000 students within the next 12 months and in many cases for years to come. They are supporting development and growth of secondary school technology and media arts, professional development and teaching artist work in dance, theater, media and visual arts throughout all grade levels. They are also providing supplies and materials to in-depth secondary school visual arts programs, purchasing much needed musical instruments and media lab equipment.

The grants will directly impact discrete arts classes, English teachers, PE teachers, General Education teachers, Music teachers and most importantly, our children. They are also able to partner with the

Burbank Arts for All presented this check in the amount of $ 27,250 in grants to The BUSD at it's Board Meeting Thursday evening. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

, The VH1 Save the Music Foundation, Education Through Music and the Providencia Elementary School PTA for the Providencia Save the Music instrumental music program.

Every school site that applied for funding received funding in some amount. They are supporting requests at every middle and high school and five elementary schools in the district during this cycle.

This Spring they are especially excited about the recipients of the Dr. Bowman Professional Development Grants. John Muir Middle School is the recipient of the of the Bowman Professional Development Group grant of $3500 for Digital Media Arts. Muir is currently the only secondary school in the district without a media arts or technology program. The Foundation has funded growing programs at both Luther and Jordan Middle Schools and they invited Mr. Paramo at Muir to submit a proposal that would allow the Foundation to make a significant contribution towards building a program on campus.

The application was submitted following careful planning with Peggy Flynn and partner funding committed by the BUSD Arts Fund and Muir Middle school. This year will be Phase 1 of a plan to build a Media Lab at Muir in equity to the existing programs at the other two middle schools. The grant includes staff participation of at least six people, instruction from Freshi Media, substitute days and teacher planning days.

This would not be possible without the gift from Dr. Bowman to support this grant and thanks to Mr. Paramo for his commitment to developing media arts at Muir. Mr. Lightfoot has already offered to share what he learned by starting his program this year.

Mr. Richard Lightfoot at Jordan Middle School is the recipient of the Bowman Professional Development Individual Grant of $750. He is an English teacher and also teaches the media arts/technology class.

He will attend a conference with an emphasis on teaching how to use technology for presentations and video assignments. The Bowman funding will cover the conference fees and a substitute to cover his classes. As part of his year long plan, Mr. Lightfoot will work with a Center Theatre Group teaching artist to integrate technology and film making skills into his English classes. This program will integrate theater, playwriting, media arts with the use of storyboards, cameras, microphones, etc. in making videos of student work.

The Foundation has granted an additional $2000 from general funds towards the program.

Burbank Arts for All provided funds to build the media lab at Jordan in the Fall.  The Center Theatre Group middle school teaching artist partnership began 3 years, developed by Peggy Flynn.

The Foundation appreciates how much their work depends on their fundraising partners in the community. Most importantly PTA’s and Booster Associations, outside Foundations and Arts Providers, support from the Burbank Business community and the support of the School Board and in the District Offices.