Burbank’s Rose Float Entry ‘Adventure Awaits’ Win’s This Years Queens Award in the 134th Rose Parade

Burbank's Rose Float "Adventure Awaits"(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

With thousands (estimated over 35,000) of colorful flowers, several hundred pounds of seed and spice materials, pinecones, and thousands of hours of manpower, Burbank’s entry Adventures Awaits was awarded the Queen’s Award, which is the award for “Most Outstanding Presentation of Roses.”

This is the 90th year Burbank has entered a float into the parade all those years, the float has been built by Volunteers.

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

The float was designed by Robin Hanna and Richard Burrow and built, assembled tested by hundreds of volunteers for several months.

The float made its way down 5 miles of Colorado Blvd. to oohs, and ahs as over 50 million people viewed it on televisions and other media.

The float showcases older people and all the adventures that await them. From the front of the float is a world traveler followed by a mountain biker, a rock climber with a mountain goat that is not very helpful, a kayaker, an artist, a hiker, a fisherman, and a hang glider pilot. On the off-camera side of the float, there is an inner tubing, bird watcher, and hiker. In the street are two marathon runners, a backpacker, a roller skater, and two Razor scooter riders.

The music that was played from the float was an original composition by Ben Knorr.

The float will return to Burbank late Tuesday night, and when it arrives, it will be in the City Parking Lot at Olive & Glenoaks till next Monday. Members of the Burbank Tournament of Roses will run animation as weather permits. They will also be selling souvenir merchandise.

Here are some sights, imaginary smells, and sounds from this year’s Rose Parade.