Burger Dude’s Burger Review: Bob’s Big Boy


I was actually starting to head to another place for this review when I drove by Bob’s Big Boy.

Okay, I get it, you know all about Bob’s and you been there before. But when was the last time you went there just for a great burger. I have to be honest, I knew the burger was good but I was actually blown away how good it was on this trip.

Now in all honesty, I have been going to this Bob’s since the days its original entrance was on Riverside Drive which is longer ago than most to you can even remember. Back in those days I would always get my big boy without relish because as a naïve child I did not understand the great complexity and flavor of the red relish of Bob’s.

So on this day I walked in and sat at the counter for the first time in as long as I can remember. I was probably in the chair for less than a minute when my waitress, Vanessa, came over to take my drink order. Of course, being at Bob’s, I ordered a cherry vanilla Coke. Bob’s is one of few places that actually squirts vanilla flavor and cherry flavor into the glass making for an amazing taste.

My order was the original Big Boy Combo. Now let me tell you some secrets and some suggestions I have for you.  Number one, I added avocado to the burger just to enhance the taste. Second, when they ask you what kind of salad dressing you want, always say heavy blue cheese. The reason being it makes a great dip for your fries. If you say an extra side of blue cheese they will charge you for a side but when you use the word heavy they bring you the side at no extra charge. Of course, the fries were ordered well done.

In the old days they used to bring your salad in a small dish along with the  burger and fries. Now they bring the salad first so that by the time you’re finished your burger is ready to go.

When Vanessa brought my burger it looked as good as it did 50 years ago, if not better. Bob’s was one of the first to put an extra bun in between the patties which gave the burger more size. By putting the lettuce and cheese between the bottom patty and the bottom bun, it keeps the bottom bun from getting soggy and falling apart.

Okay, I get that these are smaller patties and you really can’t cook it medium rare but the cook is perfect on them and you get the full flavor from the meat with the two patties. Since I am a grown up boy now, I actually love the relish and along with the avocado it gives a tremendous taste. I am also a huge fan of the shredded lettuce compared to the big leafy lettuce that some places use. Really hate when you take a bite and a big chunk of lettuce comes out of the burger.

From first bite to the last I enjoyed every ounce of it. It’s funny that as places try to get fancier and fancier with their burgers, sometimes one of the old originals completely stands up to the test of time.

As for my fries, cooked perfectly well done and with my side of blue cheese dressing and of course, the Bob’s Seasoning Salt, it’s a great trip down memory lane and a great flavor experience.

I have to apologize that at the end I got so caught up in my experience I did not snap any pictures of the hot fudge cake. Any meal at Bob’s Big Boy is not complete without their famous hot fudge cake, which has been around much longer than the Pazookie’s that everyone seems to have nowadays. The greatest part is the combo is under $12

Vanessa was an absolutely amazing waitress who kept my drink refills coming and continuously checking with me.

Bob’s Big Boy is located at 4211 Riverside Drive. – 818 843-9334.  Open 24 hours.
(Side note: If you like old cars, stop by on Friday night to see amazing vehicles. If not, stay away from Friday night because of the crowds and lack of parking)

Bob’s Big Boy receives: Tops in Town

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