Burger Dude’s Burger Review: The Burbank Pub


Yes Burbank, I am back!

Since I saw that myBurbank was now doing pancake reviews, I felt it was time to reestablish my dominance in the field of burgers.

Since I left you a couple of years ago, there have been many many changes in the Burger landscape of Burbank. Some for the better, and some are very disappointing. Over 60 reviews already done in Burbank, 15 locations have already closed. Some of those had excellent burgers while some of those all we can say is good luck and best wishes.

There have been places that have come and gone very recently. Before I could do a review of Burger IM on Pass Avenue, it is now Burger IWAS since it opened and closed in about a six month period of time. Oh well, so much the past, let’s concentrate on the present.

When starting up again I had asked myself where I should go to start things off with a bang. We came up with The Burbank Pub since it seems to represent Burbank and is in the heart of the city. So off we went.

The Burbank Pub is in the former location of Buchanan Arms, whose owner decided to close their business and retired.

When you first walk in it seems a little dark in the middle of the day but you quickly adjust. There are many tables inside along with a bar. Once I sat down, I was helped immediately by some very friendly staff.

Of course, we were there for the burger and ordered the Pub Burger. The first words from our server were music to my ears “How would you like that cooked?” It’s always promising when you can cook a burger to your specifications and mine, I love them medium-rare. The burger is described as a brisket and short-rib patty with horseradish aioli, Irish cheddar, HP sauce, and fried onions.

It is a combination that works superbly. When the burger came, it was hot and cooked beautifully medium-rare. The patty had been hand-packed and you could just see the freshness. The fried onions mixed in really gave the overall burger a great taste. The bun was firm and lasted well the entire time I had in my hands which actually was not very long at all considering how great the burger was.

While the burger does have a $16 price on it, it is not something I can have a weekly basis but whenever I’m in need of a great burger would have no problem coming back to get another one. I also got fries with the burger, asking for them well done, and they came out perfectly. Once again they see the taste very fresh. In fact, the only drawback to the fries was they actually served to many! Well the ketchup that came with them was very good, the barbecue sauce I also requested was a little thin and watery. The waiter said they make it themselves and were still tweaking the recipe. I’ll give him a pass this time on that.

They have many great appetizers for you to start with and I went with the tater tots. There were cooked to a beautiful brown and with the dipping sauce taste great. There was a nice pile of them that two of us ate comfortably. We also have some off-the-wall things such as Deviled Scotch Eggs, Avocado Crumpets, English sausage rolls, Crispy Brussels Sprouts, Fried Cheese Kurds and Fish Tots. I was not feeling that adventures today so I just went with the tater tots.

Of course, desserts are always special and The Burbank Pub has some great selections. On the day we visited they have a special which was Cold Brewed Coffee Bread Pudding with Cookies and Cream ice cream and of course, the whipped cream was Amazing!

So while it is great to be back, I think it can be hard to find another burger as good as the one we just had to start exploring again on our adventure. I will be going back to The Burbank Pub to try other things because of the quality of food and the friendly service are what makes Burbank so special.

The Burbank Pub is located at 2013 Burbank Blvd. – 818 558-3013.  Open Tuesday through Saturday 11:30 am to 12:00 (Closed Sunday and Monday)

The Burbank Pub receives: Tops in Town

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Tops In Town (Outstanding)
On The Marquee (Really Good)
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Don’t Quit Your Day Job (Poor)

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