Burger King Brings Its Creepy Clown Promotion to Burbank Tonight!


Tonight for Halloween, Burger King wants you to dress up as a clown and go to their restaurant located at 545 N Victory Boulevard (the one featured in Back to the Future 2) between 7p and closing. The first 500 people who do this, will get a free Whopper.

Only problem is if you do not like clowns or you are afraid of them, then you do not want to be anywhere near Burger King tonight. Therefore, this news can be considered a trick or a treat, depends how you look at the Ronald McDonalds of the world.

Only five Burger Kings are participating in the #ScaryClownNight promotion and this is the only one on the West Coast. The other four are in Boston, Miami, Austin and Salt Lake City. Thus, Burbank is really special to them, so let’s show them just how special we are by dressing up as Pennywise, Bozo or whichever clown is your favorite to get your free flame broiled burger.

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