Burger Review: Buchanan Arms

Buchanan Arms

So when was the last time you were at Buchanan Arms?

Wait, do you even know where Buchanan Arms is?

Buchanan Arms 2Driving around we were actually going somewhere else when we passed by Buchanan Arms on Burbank Blvd.  We thought what the heck, let’s see if they even have a burger in an English restaurant.

They did. So we did what we always do. Enter and prepare to take one for the team.  I mean, how can this place serve really serve a good American burger when you are known for your Fish & Chips and Shepard’s Pie.

When we went in, we did not see many people eating around 2:30 in the afternoon. As soon as we sat down, James, our server, was there to give us menus and greet us.

Buchanan Arms 1I went with the California Cheeseburger which is a 1/3 patty with avocado and bacon. They also have several other specialty burgers on their menu which also look good.

When the burger came, it absolutely looked good.

The cheddar cheese was oozing out and there was a liberal amount of avocado on it.  The bacon was not only fresh, but nice and crispy.

On the plate was also fresh shredded lettuce, fresh tomatoes and pickles. There was also a side of thousand island dressing which I did not even ask for!

One bite in and I was hooked. It was a fresh patty and the avocado and bacon were perfect to go with the taste. The bun was toasted and held together well the entire time.  I knew at that moment that we not only had a winner, but that I would be back here again.

Buchanan Arms 3I now stand by my statement that if you are going to have a restaurant and have a burger on your menu, there is not a good reason not to make it great.  I had comments when I ripped a Mexican restaurant for having a weak burger but here is an English themed restaurant that has a good, fresh burger for a good value.

Side Notes: Not only was the burger good, but there were some incredible appetizers. Ordered the cole slaw and it was home made, creamy and delicious. We also tried the Fish Bits and let me tell you, they are NOT bits,  They are freshly breaded fish that tasted awesome and could have filled us by themselves.  I ordered Onion Wedges with the burger that were slices of onion, hand dipped in batter & deep fried. They were also great. Many more things on this menu I am going back to try!

Buchanan Arms is located at 2013 Burbank Blvd. – 818 845-0692. Open Monday – Thursday 11 am until 10 pm Friday and Saturday until 2 am, Sunday 10 am until 10 pm.

Buchanan Arms receives: Tops in Town

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    1. Might have to give it a try. I feel bad for suggesting Corner Cottage ( I was never there, just curious), but last week I went to Franks and half my burger was like a piece of charcoal. I ordered medium rare as I always do. So I don’t feel bad any longer.

      This place has always had good fish (why I go), so maybe I’ll drag the kid along to try the burger.

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