Burger Review – Canyon Grille

The Canyon Grille at DeBell Gold Club

It was time to head up to the hill after the last coupe of reviews in the valley and you can’t get higher on the hill then DeBell Golf Club, home of the Canyon Grille.

I had not been inside since the ownership change a couple of years ago and there were a couple differences then the past – more giant TV screens and a lighter atmosphere.

But first let’s get to the real meat of the article, the burger!

The Canyon Grille only has one burger on their menu, the Canyon Angus Burger. There are add-ons and I picked both cheddar cheese (a no brainer) and avocado as well as asking for a medium rare patty. I also went with the fries for a side – or course, well done on the fries.

Canyon Angus Burger
Canyon Angus Burger

Upon arrival, it looked great, starting with the hand made patty. They offered the usual condiments and with a very dry bun, it needed something. My first choice is always thousand island dressing but mustard and ketchup also work.

First bite in and I could taste the flavor. The burger was nice and large and yes, it was medium rare which meant it was juicy. Not a big fan of the large lettuce leaf (shredded iceberg is always a plus) but it did not bother the overall taste. I also would have preferred a bit more avocado but for only an additional 50 cents it was OK.

The bun was good and a good size for the burger. Near the end of my inhaling of the burger I did start to notice that the bun was just a little soggy on the bottom. Not enough for it to come apart (which I absolutely HATE), but enough to be soggy.  I actually chalk that up to the burger being medium rare and very juicy but a second or two more being toasted would also work.

I really did enjoy the burger and thought it would not only make a good meal for a golfer fresh off he course, but for anyone else in Burbank to take a drive up into the mountains for a good burger. Price of the burger (with skinny fries which were also good and well done to my liking) was $10.95 which is not a great price, but acceptable.

The Canyon Grille at DeBell Gold Club
The Canyon Grille at DeBell Gold Club

Back to the atmosphere. Not only was it a great burger, but being up on the hill let us watch some of the golfers teeing off on the first hole and there was also a deer that stopped by outside in the middle of the day, not bothered by the strange two legged creatures swinging metal sticks. Did not see any unicorns, however.

Canyon Grille’s staff is also extremely friendly. They make you feel more like you are at home then at a restaurant. It really seemed to be very relaxed inside. It seemed that all of the employees not only liked each other, but also their jobs. They have a nice full menu and I am going to have to go back up that hill again to try some of the other selections.

The Canyon Grille is located inside the clubhouse at De Bell Golf Course
1500 Walnut, Burbank 818 736-5530

Monday – Wednesday: 6am to 6pm, last seating 5:30 pm
Thursday: 6am to 7pm, last seating 6:30pm
Friday & Saturday: 6am to 8pm, last seating 7:30pm
Sunday: 6am to 7pm, last seating 6:30
Sunday Brunch: 9am to 2pm

The Canyon Grille receives: Tops in Town

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Tops In Town (Outstanding)
On The Marquee (Really Good)
Could Use A Rewrite (Average or Slightly Below)
Don’t Quit Your Day Job (Poor)

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    1. Double bogey with cheese. This is my review of your writing in this review. My hope is the author (who uses WAY too many parentheses) is getting no more than community college credit for this report. There was an opportunity to really make this culinary experience shine. Yet your writing left the reader with a taste on the pallet of what I imagine a rag on the ball washing station would express. I’ll be on the lookout for a unicorn as I expect to see one before I see a decently written review from this, for a lack of a better term author.

      • I asked the Burger Dude to reply to your comment and all he said is that while he liked your metaphors, his exact quote was “Sounds like the poor guy has anger issues and I hope he finds his unicorn”.

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