Burger Review: Joe’s Great American Bar & Grill


While Joe’s Great American Bar & Grill has a great name and you would expect a great grill, you quickly realize when you walk in that it is more about the bar then it is about the grill.

20160114_124626_resizedWalking in, you find all of the tables bunched together so the dance floor has plenty of room even though there is no one dancing when we were there at 12:30 in the afternoon.

The menu has nine burgers on it and I ordered their signature Joe’s Cheeseburger Delux. I was not asked how I wanted the patty but I did request cheddar cheese. The burger goes for around $7.50.

When it came the burger looked somewhat interesting. At first I had to search for the cheese and finally found it covering about half the patty on the side away from me.  It was also a very thin slice of AMERICAN cheese, not the cheddar I had asked for.

The bun was decent size and freshly toasted but was completely dry. I found a ketchup and mustard bottle on a table near by. The burger came with with leaf lettuce, onion, tomato and pickle.

Of course, the star of the burger, the patty, was something you might find on a Big Mac for the size of it. Nothing more then a sad little patty so I knew that I was going to take a beating when it came to my burger enjoyment.

Overall, the burger tasted dry and it was actually really hard to taste the meat. The best part of the burger was actually the bun and the toothpick that held it together. The taste of the cheese was practically nonexistent.

As I looked around, most of the people there looked as though they were enjoying a liquid lunch compared to solid food which I was saddled with.

Side Note: The fries are steak fries which I am not a fan of so I got onion rings which were actually pretty good although there were only about six of them.  I also ordered the cole slaw and it was some of the best creamy cole slaw that I have had in a long time. I could go back just for the cole slaw alone. Our server, Jill, was extremely awesome, great service and very friendly. You could tell she wanted you to have a great experience. Too bad Joe’s can’t have that same attitude when it comes to their burgers.

Joe’s Great American Bar & Grill is located at 4311 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank. 818 729-0805. Open daily 11 am until 2 am.

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      • @Laurie,

        I don’t think he owns Joe’s; as of last year, anyways. I agree it’s not great chow, but it’s typical of bar food (this is a bar, not Ruth Chris). To give it a fair shake, its average on most items, sub-standard on a few others. Overall, if you choose to eat here you know what you’re getting. I would avoid saying its bad, its comfort food perfect for when you’re watching a game or sharing an appetizer with friends. The great thing about Joe’s is live music nightly, no cover, attentive staff, Rhonda, and fair drink prices.

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