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I was sent a Tweet by my Editor (great guy by the way, can I get a raise?) that someone sent in that said his son had a burger at this place on Glenoaks called Jujuju. My first impression, did someone stutter?

jujuju1.jpgWhen we pulled up, I remember that this was the old Sharkey’s Bistro and BBQ that was OK, but appears to have had a short life. Looking at the front of the building, I still had no idea what I was getting into or the food that was featured inside.

When we sat down, our waiter, who was a nice guy and very friendly, looked as though his experiences as a waiter was about as long as this restaurant has been open. The effort was still good and we got through that because you could tell that he was trying.

It actually has large menu that starts with a wide range of breakfasts and includes many dishes throughout the day that looked good.

When it came to the burgers, the first thing I saw on the menu was “SSSSHHHHHH, Sponge Bob wants our secret formula”. I had no idea what this meant or why it was there. I guess I got the joke the way that I find many of you get some of my jokes. Oh well.

I had to order the Jujuju Burger at $8.99. I had to figure out what this Jujuju thing was.

jujuju2Once it came (yes, medium rare as always) I was stunned. How can a place like this put out a burger like this and no one knows about it – they will now.

The patty is hand packed and thick. served with manchego cheese, prosciutto, caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato, pickles and mayonnaise. Now, I had no idea what manchego cheese was and i never have had prosciutto on a burger before but did this thing rock. The flavor was amazing and the bun was fresh and toasted. It held up well the entire time.

My largest problem was trying to fit that giant burger in my mouth.

The prosciutto was also gave it a great flavor and taste. It really complimented the burger and the taste of the manchego cheese worked just right.

jujuju3This is exactly the place that I am looking for when I started doing these reviews. Going somewhere I would never have stopped at and finding a gem. I know I rip a lot of good family run businesses sometimes but as far as I am concerned, it is justified because there are small businesses like this that just stand out and should be applauded.

Not only will I be back for the burger, but there are many other dishes on this large menu that I am now curious about.

Side Notes: It comes with fries and these are not ordinary fries, they are large steak fries but are not thick, Not my first choice for fries but these did not taste bad at all. They even brought me some ranch dressing to go with them.  I also tried some cole slaw and while it was OK and handmade there at the restaurant, it was nothing to write home about. My friends also enjoyed their food and everything appeared to be made there at Jujuju.

Jujuju is located at 520 S. Glenoaks, Burbank –  818 842-5116. Open Monday – Friday 7 am to 9 pm and Saturday 8 am to 9 pm and Sunday 9 am to 9 pm.

Jujuju receives: Tops in Town

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    1. Hi, my friend.
      I’m the JUJUJU cafe owner (and the and apprentice waiter…), reviews like yours makes me extremely happy and and make us renew the desire to continue working every day.
      Thank you very much and please next time you come, tell me who you are. I would like to shake your hand.

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