Burger Review: Lancers

By On April 2, 2016

Sometimes when you see an older family restaurant or diner, you pretty much know what you are getting.

lancers3When you walk into Lancers, you know you are back into old time Burbank. The clientele is older, the booths and decorations are older and you realize that this place has not changed since the first time you went there.

Now this is not always a bad thing, but you immediately dim your expectations of what you are going to get when you order the burger.

The Lancer’s Burger is there for the asking and I asked for it. I thought it might be a little bland so I added some avocado besides adding cheese (a $1.50 charge for both). Now you are around the $10 mark for a burger with fries. Remember, The Ramp? A great cheeseburger with fries for about $7

lancers1When the burger came, it was laid out on the plate. It was just what I ordered, a patty on two buns with cheese and avocado. Nothing more, nothing less. I am sure that this is the same way the burger was presented to the customer back in the 60’s.

The bun had just about no toast to it and the bottom patty was resting on the bun and you know what that means – the self destructing bun, it was just a matter of time.  On the plus side, there was a small container of thousand island dressing! At least the burger now had a chance.

After a bite or two, I knew that what we had was the standard diner burger. I’m sure that some people who are not that picky will order it and enjoy it.  I’m also sure they may order the Salisbury steak some nights and feel the same way.

lancers2There was very little seasoning or flavor to the burger. At least the avocado was a large portion – just an avocado cut in half.  I wound up tasting the avocado more than anything else, including the cheese and even the patty.

Okay, I went there probably expecting this, but hoped for more. There are a couple of other family diners in Burbank and I will continue to hope to be surprised. I was not surprised at Lancers.

Side Notes: They serve steak fries at Lancers and I asked for them well done.  They were not as bad as other places when it came to steak fries because they did get them somewhat crispy.  I am just not a fan of steak fries. Also tried the homemade cole slaw and thought it was fine. The portion they give you in definitely a lot smaller than you would hope for.

Lancers is located at 697 N Victory Blvd (818) 843-3433 in Burbank –. Open 6am to midnight seven days a week.

Lancers receives: Could Use a Rewrite

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